Our Traditional Siberian Kings

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Miakoschka Andrii

• Cream and white
• Sire Goldenesima Ledovic
• Dam Miakoschka Jaromira
• Non Colour Point (CP) carrier

Miakoschka Nikusya

We now have this stunning boy to add to our kings. Nik has an amazing nature!  At 7months of age he was already around 5 kilos… Think we’ve selected well here, bringing in size and temperament from both of his parents and we look forward to watching this boy develop over the coming months.
• Sire: Carillocat Tzar Nicolai
• Dam: Miakoschka Tishka (both now retired).
• Miakoschka Nikusya is a Black Mackerel Tabby
• Non CP carrier

Belshazar Von Der Selenga

We added this stunning boy all the way from Germany, he has so far had an amazing show career and has attained the title of GOLD Double Grand Champion. We thank Nadine Scheidt of Von Der Selenga Siberian, in Germany for allowing Belshazar to come to us. We are so excited and looking forward to working with him in our plans. In addition we thank Su and her family in the UK for helping us by care for him as well. Belshazar Von Der Selenga will be affectionately known as Shaz. In the gallery above you can see him as a kitten (at just over a year old), how handsome is our Belshazar!

Johnny Happysib

In April 2015 we welcomed a new boy into our traditional breeding program and thank Agnieszka McLardie, who has entrusted us with this beautiful baby born in 2014. We were lucky enough to meet him and Agnieszka in in his home meanwhile. We have some wonderful photos of him and were able to watch him grow until he arrived. DNA confirmation Johnny is a NON CP carrier. Johnny is maturing into a great boy, he also carries the odd eyed gene.

Our Traditional Siberian Queens


Miakoschka Fireworks (aka Sparky)

Sparky is the newest addition to our Siberian program and already a champion!  She has the most amazing nature and is a wonderfully affectionate girl. We are so lucky to have her in our home.
• Sire Ch Lunityen Dali
• Dam Miakoschka Tishka
• Black Tortie Classic Tabby and White
• Non CP carrier
We are so proud another stunning achievement for our breeding program, Miakoschka Fireworks was chosen as ACF best longhair kitten 2016.


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Miakoschka Zarina

Meet Zarina, we look forward to watching her develop and grow.
• Black Golden Tabby and White
• Dam Miakoschka Zeva
• Sire Miakoschka Yuli
• Non CP carrier


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Miakoschka Mikolai

We  have added this lovely girl to our program this season and with her amazing nature we are sure we are going to see some lovely progeny come along.  We look forward to watching her develop and grow.
• Sire Carilocat Tzar Nicolai
• Dam Miakoschka Mihaliah
• Black Tortie and White
• Non CP carrier


Miakoschka Lesina

This season we also added Lesina to our program another girl with an outstanding nature. Which we are sure she will pass onto her babies. We hope that with the addition of a blue tabby to our plans we will be able to produce some lovely Blue tabby babies when she is paired with some our our kings.
• Sire Goldenesima Ledovic
• Dam Miakoschka Jesina
• Blue Classic Tabby and White
• Non CP carrier

Miakoschka Tattianna

• Sire Coco de Claire
• Dam Goldenesima Samira
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Veresk Line Nastas’ya (Imported Russia)

On our trip to Russia we managed to secure this lovely girl for our breeding plans, she is called Veresk Line Nastas’ya. Thanks go to Ekaterina Chubasova for entrusting us to have her join us. She will be cared for by Su Craske in the UK until she is able to come to us.
• Black Mackerel tabby and white
• Non CP carrier
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Carillocat Viljie (Imported Norway)

• Black silver classic tabby
• Sire Carillocat King O’Nirvana
• Dam SP GIC Carillocat Love Call
• Non CP carrier

Arakan Zanda

• Black classic tabby and white
• Non CP carrier

Our Past Champions (Queens & Kings)

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Miakoschka Jaromira

Miakoschka Jaromira is a Bronze Double Grand Champion. Her parents are Jamira and Jaromir. DNA confirmation NON CP Carrier. Our Reserve Longhair kitten of the Year 2012 with QFA! Also Royal Brisbane 2015 – Overall Supreme Winner! This is one of our highest achievements and also the first major award at this time for the breed ever in Australia. (Click images to enlarge)


Gold double grand champion Miakoschka Dalimira (Click to Enlarge)

Miakoschka Dalimira

Gold double grand champion Miakoschka Dalimira (non CP carrier) is now retired. We are going to miss her and its so sad that she did not raise a litter. It just wasn’t meant to be!

Juniskars Grdon Gemelli (aka Donny)

This Miakoschka Siberian King is known as Juniskars Grdon Gemella (aka Donny) is our Swedish import. QFA PLATINUM Q CATS PLATINUM DOUBLE Grand Champion. Juniskars Grdon Gemella non cp carrier. CFCCQ Siberian of the year and Grand Champion in 2011.
Donny has some outstanding lines behind him and it is due to his breeders selections that Siberians are presented to this standard. He carries with him new lines that will be of great value to our breeding plans. Thanks go to Ewa for entrusting us with this special cat. His first show saw him be awarded best Siberian kitten in one ring and place 3rd out of 45 entrants. He is now a 2011 Grand Champion. We are so proud of him. Donny is now retired and lives in Canberra.

Ch Miakoschka Samuil

Miakoschka Samuil

CFCCQ Platinum Double Grand Champion. This lovely Siberian male came to us a boy only a few years ago from Kisa and Samson and he developed into a replica of his famous father! In addition, Samuil became our first ever ‘Platinum’ male siberian.
Samuil is a most wonderful cat to be around he has a special  presence and a charm that belongs to him alone. His “head-butts” and kisses are so special. 2010 Exotic Cat Club Championships – Samuil won Best in Show and Reserve in Show in the second ring – he became a PLATINUM DOUBLE GRAND CHAMPION 2009 was a great year for Samuil on the show bench – he became a GOLD DOUBLE GRAND CHAMPION.
Update: Miakoschka Samuil is now desexed and has a new family to share the rest of his life with. We hope that he enjoys his new family, where we just know he will be treasured and loved.

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