Miakoschka’s Siberian Cat Gallery

This gallery highlights a ranges of beautiful Siberians born throughout the years, right here in our Brisbane cattery!


Australian Pets Gallery

This gallery showcases more siberians from around Australia…

International Pets Gallery

We have been very lucky to have several of our babies go to wonderful homes overseas. Transportation may seem daunting at the time for both the new owners and the kittens, but we personally take care of all aspects of this from the booking to the final stage of getting them onto the flight! Each and every time we have done this, our siberian babies have arrived in great shape and settle into their new homes well after what seems to be such a long time for them and us. We have many photos and letters sent to us that keeps us in touch with the owners, so we know how our babies are doing, which is great to receive and we encourage you to do the same! From time to time you will see updated photos here on the Miakoschka site that shows how beautiful these cats become with maturity.

Siberian Show & Breeding Cats Gallery

This gallery is devoted to some very special cats without whom we would not have been able to produce the outstanding cats we have here today. Special thanks go to each and every breeder that has entrusted their special babies to me so far away from you all. Our aim once these cats have given us a lovely baby to go with is to ensure that they will go into pet homes where they are assured to receive the very best of care and that they will go on to lead contented lives as someones special pet.