Updated February 4th, 2018

Miakoschka Siberian Adoption Page

Welcome to our Siberian Adoption Page. This is where we post info about Siberian Cats looking for a new loving homes. Have a look at some of the past Siberians in our adoption photos below, they have gone to wonderful loving new families.

Sometimes kittens will not suit and so some of our ex breeding cats make wonderful new members for the family seeking an older pet. As well, we may from time to time may get requests to find new homes for our pets we have bred and if this happens we will advertise them here. We hope that this doesn’t happen often but should the need arise we are more than happy to help out locating a new family if there are no other available options. Also when we require homes for our cats that we have finished breeding with they become available for adoption, and we will feature them here. If you would like more information on any of the featured cats here please email us or call we are only too happy to assist.

Sibmoor Agata

She is a black tortie and white

She is now desexed and looking for a loving indoor home.

Please get in touch for more info on her



  • Molly is a 5 yr old black tabby and white girl
  • She is looking for a quiet home with out children
  • Please get in touch for more info on Molly





Violet is looking for a new home she is currently living in Melbourne

and her owner would like a home for her locally

Please get in touch for more info on Violet



Miakoschka Andrii

Cream and white

Andrii is now desexed and we are looking for a nice quiet indoor home for him.

He is quite a shy boy but given time to adjust we are sure he will

make a fantastic companion  for the right person.



Miakoschka Magnus

Miakoschka Magnus has now found his new home.

Miakoschka Sheldon

Miakoschka Sheldon has found a new home.

Miakoschka Snow Princess

Our Snow Princess has just found a new home!


Miakoschka Funtik

Our Funtik has just found a new home!


Miakoschka Versace

Our Versace has now found a new home!


Miakoschka Mohala

Our Mohala now has a new home!



Carillocat Tzar Nicolai

Our Nicolai has now has found his perfect home!


Miakoschka Jaromira

Our very special Jaromira now has a new family to share her life with!



Miakoschka Tishka

We also have retired our Tishka, she will be living with her daughter!


Miakoschka Zeva

Our Zeva is now retired and she has found a special home!


Miakoschka Bianca

Our Bianca now found a special home!


Miakoschka Annechka

Our Annechka is a Black golden tabby and white – We are happy that she has found a new home!


Miakoschka Albert

Our Albert has found a new home! 

Miakoschka Humphry

Our Humphry has found a new home

Find out what everyone should know about Siberians!

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