Pet Snugs International Cat Shipping Services 

Do you need to transport your cat?  National or international destination? Our Cat Transport Service that can take care of any of your Cat Shipping requirements!

With over 20 years experience in the of freighting our own cats to many international destinations from our Brisbane cattery, we are able to help you through the process. We have close contact with Clayfield Vet Clinic our preferred AQIS Vets and also the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service here in Brisbane, Qld.

Door to Door

Whether you live in the city or suburbs we can collect your pet and fly them to their destination…We will arrange:

  • Flight booking
  • Airline approved travel crate
  • Collection of your pet(s)
  • Boarding (if required)
  • Aqis document clearance
  • Aqis Veterinary checks
  • Expert pet travel advice
  • 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year customer service
  • Detailed information about your destinations quarantine and customs requirements
  • Flight booking on the most direct flight to your destination
  • Comprehensive itinerary

International Shipping for Cat Owners & Breeders

Are you contemplating a move overseas with your pet? Are you a cat breeder looking to export a new pet kitten or cat internationally? Please phone or e-mail us for up-to-date advice on(07) 5497 9385

More About Cat Transport:

  • We can arrange to ship your kitten to its new owner with as little stress as possible
  • We will liaise closely with both you the shipper and receiver, advising  each step of the process
  • We  prefer to keep your kitten or cat in its own environment as long as possible
  • We will advise when it will be necessary  for us take over and meet with the AQIS Veterinarians.This is generally the day prior to shipping.

Please Note: Preparation for travel to some countries can take 7 months, and many countries requirements can take 30 to 60 days. Even if you are not sure of travelling, it is best to seeks good advice as soon as you can.

Pet Shipping Rates

For shipping rates and any other questions, please contact us, we’re happy to help with more info about our pet transport services and our comparative international cat shipping rates!

Marie Mahoney | Owner Pets Snugs International Cat Freight

Brisbane, Australia

Phone: (07) 5497 9385

Mobile: 0433 815 367